Helpful Guides

Paint Guides :-

Below are some example painting guides in PDF format for some of the 3D Models produced by MeepleForge. Click the link to download and then open the downloaded file in your PDF viewer.

Before painting, ensure that models are clean of any excess resin, trim and sand any additional filament, and make sure they are cured as per your material specifications.

As with any other hi-res plastic gaming model, we recommend first applying a primer coat before using acrylic or enamel based paints.

These painting guides are aimed at people who want to know more about how to paint the specific models or people who are relatively new to painting minis.

Memoir 44

Everdell Critters

Scythe Buildings

Scythe Factory

Safety First :-
Please be aware that MeepleForge Upgrades contain small items and are not suitable for young children.
The products are scale models and are intended for use by adults and children age 14+.
Take care during use as some products may incorporate sharp edges.
If printed using UV Resin be aware that the products can be brittle and break if dropped.

Printing your MeepleForge Upgrades :-

MeepleForge have been designed for printing on high resolution filament and/or Resin 3D printers. These models have been designed to be printed as is and they don’t require any additional supports on resin or filament. You can send the STL files directly to your printer. (where supports are needed the models have been pre supported).

Resin Printers
Highest resolution and so detail is usually obtained by printing on a resin printer but the models can be brittle and break if they are dropped. Resin printers also require post printing process including cleaning in Alcohol and soapy water before curing using UV Light. 99% of MeepleForge Pre Printed models are supplied printed using grey resin from Anycubic (resin data sheet )

Filament printers
Filament printers are better for simple or larger print jobs and produce prints that can better withstand being dropped. Filamnent printers don’t need any post print activity and can be printed in a variety of colours

If you have any questions on how to print on your printer or you have any issues then please get in touch.