Here’s a photo of some British Infantry that I’ve designed for Memoir 44 incorporating some grassy bases. I have also created a painting guide for beginners so that you can see how I painted these step by step.

Below are some prints by David Massey (one of our amazing supporters) . He has printed these for HeroQuest using an Ender 5 plus Filament Printer. They have printed great and did not require any additional supports for printing on filament.

MeepleForge scenery for Oathsworn – Amazing paint job by Dan Burt (one of our talented supporters)

Downloads available here –

Now live on Kickstarter – Board Gamers – RPG Advent Village. Head over to this link for more photos and details.

Free to download Mini’s for Micro Dungeon –

This is avialable to download for home printing at our ETSY Shop.

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Here are some photos of our custom Airships painted by MiniBadWolf who has rights to paint and sell all of our designs. He will take commissions for all the MeepleForge catalogue items and is able to print them locally to save on postage costs

For details about our existing designs for Scythe (Buildings and Airships etc) head over to MeepleForge’s ETSY shop using this link

Designing and printing Custom meeples and player pieces including scenery and accessories for board games and tabletop games.