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Critters Kickstarter is funded but we need your help to unlock the stretch goals. Head over there now and let all your friends know about it. (Thanks to one of our talented supporters for this photo of painted otters)

These Critters have been painted by Paul (one of our talented supporters). Photos are copyright of the painter.

Memoir 44 Ammo Crate Scenery Storage. Large enough to keep organised 190 cardboard scenery tiles or 16 MeepleForge Towns and Forests. Check out this and other Memoir44 downloads on our MyMiniFactory site –

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Check out this MeepleForge Factory posted by WeeklyGameNight, this link takes you over to their Instagram where you can see a short video of it from all angles and shows how it was painted up along with the Large Factory Base.

Below are some prints by David Massey (one of our amazing supporters) . He has printed these for HeroQuest using an Ender 5 plus Filament Printer. They have printed great and did not require any additional supports for printing on filament.

MeepleForge scenery for Oathsworn – Amazing paint job by Dan Burt (one of our talented supporters)

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