Licenced Production Partners

MeepleForge has teamed up with printers, designers and game shops around the globe to help deliver physical, bespoke color and pre-painted sets.

MeepleForge (Printing for the UK and rest of the world) Only printing in Grey Resin but can also print coloured filament. for File Downloads go here or for Pre Printed go here

The Meeple Library (aka LB Studios New Jersey USA) will be fulfilling pre-printed orders for the USA and the Americas, and developing the Kickstarter, packaging and fulfilment design.

Kavalcad ( France) will be fulfilling orders for France and  mainland Europe, as well as developing Faction colour Pre Printed sets.

MiniBadWolf (, Greece) is our professional painting partner, and will be working on a limited number of pre-painted sets, and is available for commissions and bespoke painting.

Synergy 3D (Etsy link Opening soon) Is able to sell any Pre-Printed MeepleForge designs in Australia. get in contact on ETSY or by Email :

Printed Bones Is able to sell any Pre-Printed MeepleForge designs in Poland. get in contact on this link :-